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How to Use Your Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth Speaker

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In case you have purchased a subscription of Apple Music and wish to listen to the tunes on your iPhone or iPad through Amazon Echo, then you have to connect the Amazon Echo and iPhone or iPad with Bluetooth and you going to a right way. In case you wish to know how to use your Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth Speaker, then follow the instructions given below.

How to Connect iPhone and iPad with Your Amazon Echo?

It is compulsory that the Amazon Echo needs to be communicating with Alexa, as it will not surprise the users Bluetooth procedure needs to have a conversation with Amazon Echo. Go through the steps listed below to know how to connect iPhone and iPad with your Amazon Echo:

•    Check that the iOS device should not be far away from your Amazon Echo as it can create a disturbance when you are connecting to the Amazon Echo.

•    You need to ask “Alexa, enable your device Bluetooth”

•    Go to the “Settings” option on the iPhone and iPad.

•    Click “Bluetooth” option.

•    Check below the “Other Devices” column and after that, press any device which contains the title “Amazon Echo.”

•    Once the Alexa completes the connecting process of Amazon Echo, it will notify you.

Ensure that the users’ device should be connected to the Bluetooth so that they can easily access the Amazon Echo among the device Bluetooth speaker. When they play any music on their iPhone or iPad, then the same music will also be the play on the Amazon Echo.

How to Unpair iPhone and iPad From Your Amazon Echo?

In case you wish to unpair your iPhone or iPad from the Amazon Echo, then you will find that this is the very easy process after following the steps to know how to unpair iPhone and iPad from your Amazon Echo:

•    Ensure that your iPhone or iPad device should be nearby the Amazon Echo so that Alexa can listen to your commands easily and give a quick response to you. After checking that ask “Alexa to disable your device Bluetooth.

•    The users can ask “Alexa to unpair your device from the Amazon Echo.”

Steps to Reconnect iPhone and iPad to Your Amazon Echo

In case you like to reconnect the iPhone and iPad to your Amazon Echo, then this procedure is very easy. Just go through the steps listed below to know the steps to reconnect iPhone and iPad to your Amazon Echo:

•    Ensure that you are near to the “Amazon Echo” and then you can ask “Alexa, to connect to your phone.”

•    In case the users have various iPhone or iPad devices title by opening the “Settings” application on iPhone or iPad, clicking on the “Bluetooth” option and finding the text which is next to the upper side that asks, “Now discoverable as Device Name.” After that, the users have to know that the entire requirement for using the “Amazon Echo Plus” along the “Bluetooth speaker”, they can play their favorite music’s in one of the streaming devices.

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